Battle Rifle 201


Battle Rifle 201


Unless otherwise noted, the FN-FAL and SCAR Heavy platforms will be used as the primary weapons for demonstration in the Battle Rifle courses, but all other modern battle rifles chambered in 7.62 can be used. This class starts with confirming zero, then immediately goes into dynamic drills.  These drills are designed for you to improve your understanding of running your rifle.  You will shoot paper, cardboard, and steel targets from 3 to 200 meters.  We will incorporate the use of barricades and movement in the course of fire.  This class will help you better understand what your weapon is capable of, bring you to the failure point, and help you work through it to confidence.  You will move in almost every drill.  This class is about your preparation to save life. All the principles taught are the same as those used by elite forces of our country.  The speed of the class will be adjusted to the experience level of the participants.  You will be physically tired at the completion of this day.

* Please come with your weapon already zeroed.

Topics Covered:     

  • Zero

  • Movement

  • Barricades

  • Driving the gun

  • Recoil Management

  • Buddy Team

  • Distances from 3 to 200 meters

  • Intermediate and Dynamic drills

Length:     1 day class
Type:     Hands-On Training
Audience:     Everyone
Prerequisites:     Battle Rifle 101, Carbine 101 or equivalent
What to Bring:       Battle Rifle (7.62x51 and 7.62x54), Approximately 500 rounds of ammo, Weather appropriate clothing, Pants with belt, 4 Magazines, Rifle Sling, Eye and Hearing protection, Rifle cleaning kit, Gloves, water.

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