Carbine 271


Carbine 271


This course is designed to educate and challenge the shooter's mind and skills. The first day will primarily be a classroom experience, diving headfirst into ballistics and bullet flight. In order for a shooter to be able to accurately reproduce well-placed shots at range, he or she must understand the conditions affecting the bullet from the point the primer is struck until it lands home on your point of aim. The shooter should expect to be challenged on the second day as we push the range of the 5.56 round and the AR platform to its limits. This class will be held to a limit of three people to facilitate a sufficient instructor to student ratio, as there will be much to observe on the side of the instructor. It is to be noted that due to the small class size, class content can easily be catered in some degree to the interests of the shooters.

Topics Covered:     

  • Ballistics (be ready for a firehose of information)

  • Fundamentals of long range marksmanship

  • Basics of Fieldcraft

Length:     2 day class
Type:     Hands-On Training
Audience:     Everyone
Prerequisites:     Carbine 201
What to Bring:     AR-platform rifle (preferably with magnified optics), ear & eye pro, long pants, note-taking material, shooting log if you have one, whatever kit the shooter wants to shoot in (i.e. chest rigs, hunting apparel, duty uniform, etc), binoculars, 200-300 rounds 5.56. We will break the first day for lunch but have lunch packed on day two as this will be a complete range day.

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