Carbine Sustainment


Carbine Sustainment


Shooting is a perishable skill. This class is designed for annual training and will be beneficial for shooters of all skill levels.  This class presents some new drills to keep you self-proficient. We will also demonstrate the effect of different rifle caliber bullets on materials such as drywall, concrete block and others. Students will be able to try their rifles against bullet-proof glass.

Topics Covered:    

  • Brief review of Combat Carbine Basics

  • Ballistic properties of various materials

  • Advanced shooting drills

  • Training concepts designed to maintain and improve your proficiency

Length:     1 day class
Type:     Hands-On Training
Audience:     Everyone
Prerequisites:     Carbine 101 or equivalent
What to Bring:         Carbine, Approximately 500 rounds of ammo, Sling, Cleaning kit, Weather appropriate clothing, Pants with belt, 3 Magazines, Eye and Hearing Protection, Mag Pouch

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