Dynamic Carbine 221


Dynamic Carbine 221


This is a 2-day class designed to break the static range mindset. Gunfights are a dynamic experience - training for one should be as well. We will emphasize a lot of movement, using cover and concealment, fundamental shooting skills, shooting with either hand, Basic shooter first aid concepts, multiple targets, working as a team and more in a variety of drills that stress realism and will challenge your decision making. You will learn techniques for using your gun from CQB distance out to 100+ yards, and gain the confidence and mindset to not only survive, but thrive with use of your carbine.

Topics Covered:     

  • Brief review of Carbine 101

  • Movement

  • Working with a partner/ team

  • Cover, Concealment and Barricades

  • Basic Shooters First Aid practices

  • Post-fight actions

  • Groundfighting

  • Close Range shooting

  • Intermediate distance shooting

  • Stress inoculation

Length:     2 day class
Type:     Hands-On Training
Audience:     Everyone
Prerequisites:     Carbine 201 or equivalent
What to Bring:     Carbine, Approximately 1,000 rounds of ammo, Weather appropriate clothing, 4 Magazines,Quality Sling, Ammo carrier, Eye and Hearing Protection, Knee pads, water.

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