Fundamentals of Teamwork 101


Fundamentals of Teamwork 101


This class is designed to teach the basics of working with, and helping others, under the stress of a gunfight. It is designed for anyone who may be with a partner while under fire. A husband and wife, Law Enforcement, Military, or just you and your buddy walking into the local Quickie Mart at the wrong time. Class will start with a discussion on terminology, ways to communicate, and basic principles of movement under fire. This will include safe methods of weapon manipulation while moving. Drills and courses of fire will begin with individual movement. This will be followed by two-man drills and the day will conclude with four-man teams.

Topics Covered: 

  • Terminology

  • Communication

  • Reacting to fire

  • Working as a buddy team

  • Immediate action drills

  • Self-Aid, Buddy Aid wound management

  • Stress

  • Movement

Length:     1 day class
Type:     Hands-On Training
Audience:     Everyone
Prerequisites:     Carbine 101 or equivalent
What to Bring:     Carbine or Rifle of your choice, Sling (two
point preferred), Approximately 600 rounds of ammo, Weather appropriate clothing, Long Pants with belt, 5 Magazines, Mag carrying system of some kind, Eye and Hearing protection, Cleaning kit, Water, Body Armor (optional), knee and elbow pads (optional).

Lunch will be provided.

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