Long-Range Marksmanship 101


Long-Range Marksmanship 101


This class is for shooters who have attended a carbine course and are ready to expand their ability to shoot beyond the near-threat range. The course is designed from the combat long-range marksmanship perspective and will provide shooters with the tools they need to be able to stretch their competency to the beginning of the transonic range. Students completing this class will be confident in their ability to accurately account for the atmosphere, elevation, and their weapon’s muzzle velocity as they use this data to reliably produce first-round hits on long-range targets; shooters will re-define their understanding of the word “effective” in “maximum effective range.”

Day 1: The prone supported shooting position, setting up your rifle, introduction to optics.

Day 2: shooting: zero, true zero (muzzle velocity “MV”), understanding & applying atmospherics, holdover data “DOPE” for various known ranges given your weapon system’s MV.

Day 3: the “cold-bore” zero, using your tools, known distance shooting exam

Topics Covered:     

  • Weapons system setup

  • 100m Zero with your Optic

  • True Zero (muzzle velocity calculation)

  • Known distance marksmanship

Length:     2.5 day class
Type:     Classroom Instruction and Hands-On Training
Audience:     Everyone
Prerequisites:     Carbine 101 or equivalent
What to Bring:     Rifle/Carbine, articulated reticle rifle scope 1-10x or larger, approximately 150 rounds of ammunition, eye protection, ear protection, laser range finder (can be provided if you don't have one), notebook & pencil, calculator, owner’s manual for your optic (.pdf or hard copy), hat/ball cap.

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