Why do we do what we do?

We absolutely support the Second Amendment and the rights it affords. One of our greatest expressions of freedom is the ability to own and carry arms for personal protection. We also believe certain responsibilities accompany your decision to own and use them in that capacity During decades of military and law enforcement service, we have trained with and learned from some of the best in the business. We have also taught and worked with some of the finest men and women anywhere. We consider ourselves to be eternal students, we learn every time we teach and we get immeasurable satisfaction from being able to pass on what we have learned and experienced to our fellow citizens.  It is an honor and privilege to help our fellow countrymen and countrywomen develop the knowledge and skills needed should they be required to defend themselves or a loved one.

What is the cost for classes/training?

Prices vary, based on several factors, please see the pricing on each course

Do you have classes for civilians?

All of our open enrollment classes are available to civilians. There is no reason why law-abiding citizens should not receive world-class personal conflict resolution training.  Our experience and lessons learned during real world applications have a direct impact on your training.  When that moment comes in your life, you will appreciate the confidence and skill levels attained by being trained by the best. 

Are your classes physically strenuous?

All of our shooting courses are somewhat physically challenging, but not overly so. Trigger manipulation, gripping the firearm and holding it in a shooting position can create some muscle fatigue if you’re not used to it. Preparation is the key here as it is for everything we do, If you do not practice these skills regularly, “Dry Fire” practice can help. Yes, a day at the range can be long and we will ask you to push yourself, but, only you know when you reach your limit, all we ask is for you to try.  We would love to see the older gentleman in the wheelchair at the range, rather than at home watching TV.
We welcome students who have medical conditions or are recovering from injuries, we can accommodate your needs and offer alternatives for any physical limitations..

Do I have to bring my own ammunition?

You can bring your own factory fresh ammunition or we can sell you the ammunition required for live-fire training.  Round counts for classes can be found on individual class pages.  All training where non or less than lethal projectile based ammunition is used, will be provided.

Do I need to bring my own personal firearms?

For Basic Handgun and HQL we provide the firearms, for all other classes you must bring your own. Make sure they are in good working order and are clean and lubricated as needed. We suggest you bring a backup firearm if possible, in case you experience any malfunctions with your primary during training. Time is always a concern, there never seems to be enough of it. You should bring a good cleaning kit for your firearm.

What are your age requirements?

You must be 21 years old to attend any hands-on firearm classes.  We do make some exceptions, on a case-by-case basis.  This will be up to the discretion of J2 Defense.  In order to attend, the minor must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian, and have permission granted by J2 Defense prior to the class.

What experience/skill level do I need to be to attend training?

We welcome all levels, we can take someone who has never touched a firearm, and using our simulator, can train them to use it safely, effectively and confidently.  We can also work with someone who has years of experience, even military or law enforcement and help them to improve.  There is always something more to learn.   We have the background and experience to work with anyone at their level and help them to be a better shooter.

Where do I start?

Our curriculum is set up so that each individual student can work their way through the classes they are interested in or feel are the most important. Some classes do have prerequisites, those that do will have them listed.

If you have questions about specific classes and your experience level, feel free to contact us.

What kind of facilities do we need to host training?

All J2 Defense LLC courses are held at our corporate headquarters in Prince Frederick, MD. We very amenable to conducting training at your facility or your range, but a site survey is required before an agreement to conduct training is confirmed. This can be very easy if you have a well-established range such as a gun club, or long-standing range.  For a private range, we will have to physically inspect it to make sure it will meet our safety standards. Seminars can be conducted in a variety of venues, including homes, offices, churches and classrooms. The only requirement is space enough to accommodate the number of attendees along with appropriate seating and electricity for visuals.

What do I do for lunch during all-day classes?

We normally take a one-hour break for lunch to give students time to get food if they choose. Students are also welcome to bring their own lunch from home. We have refrigeration available to store your lunch.

Do you offer memberships?

We offer memberships please contact us at info@j2defense.com for more information.