Medicine on the "X"


Medicine on the "X"


A lot of shooters are primarily interested in the use of guns and their functions, but you should also be prepared when events don’t go the way you intend. The major difference between this class and Shooter First-Aid will be the physiology portion of class. The idea is for the student to understand the concepts of WHY we make the decisions we make from a medical standpoint. Medicine on the "X" revolves around not just being the first responder (e.g. EMT, law enforcement, fire department, concerned citizen) but being at the location at the exact moment of injury. Whether that injury occurs from a gun fight, a hunting accident, an unfortunate incident on the range or any other number of unforeseeable events, Medicine on the "X" focuses on the the order of events that should take place directly after the event. The school of thought here is the same as what Special Forces Medics are taught and use every day.

Topics Covered:    

  • MARCH principles

  • Physiology

  • Reinforcement of principles

  • Hands-on exercises

  • First aid kits (IFAK) construction and usage

Length:  9 hours
Type:  Hands-on Training
Audience: Everyone
Prerequisites:  None

What to Bring:  Personal medical kit, clothes you don't mind getting a little dirty, pack a lunch as this will be a full day of knowledge, your questions and concerns on the subject, a positive mentality and a strong can-do attitude.

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