Firearms Law


Firearms Law


This seminar is designed so that attendees will leave with a better understanding of the firearms law at the state and federal level than 99% of the criminal defense attorneys, District Attorneys and Judges. If you are serious about YOUR Right to Keep and Bear Arms or if you are just looking for more information so you don’t run astray of the complex maze of state and federal firearms laws, this class is for you. And who better to teach you than the attorneys that other attorneys and judges turn to when they need answers to firearms law issues? 

Topics Covered:

  • Use of Force, including Pennsylvania’s Castle and Stand Your Ground Doctrines

  • Open and Concealed Carry, including questionable places and debunking myths

  • Types of Firearms we can own in PA (you just might be surprised!)

  • Mandatory Return of Firearms by Law Enforcement

  • Prohibition on Registries of Firearms

  • State Preemption, precluding municipalities from enacting regulations on firearms and ammunition

  • Prohibited Persons at the state and federal level, including convictions and mental health commitments

  • Estate Planning with Firearms

  • And MUCH more, including real case examples

Length: 4 hours
Type:  Classroom
Audience: Everyone
Prerequisites:  None
What to Bring:  Pen and Paper for notes

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