Instructor Development 101


Instructor Development 101


This class is designed to help improve the teaching technique of the participant, and improve their overall ability in both the classroom and on the range when instructing.  It will use the principles and techniques that Rockwell Tactical Group incorporates into its own classes, and teaches the student how to apply them to their own firearms instruction program. 

The class will begin with students qualifying on a MPOETC (Municipal Police Officers Education & Training Commission) course, and then move into a classroom setting for the remainder of the first day.  We will cover firearms safety, range safety, range management, diagnosing and correcting student technique, teach backs and planning materials, and finally, creating and following lesson plans.

The second day will consist of a written test*, student presentations/demonstrations, and live fire drills. Although pistols will be the focus this class, the principles taught will apply to all types of firearms and firearms instruction.

Please note that this is NOT an instructor certification course, but an enrichment course to help students be more effective teachers and mentors to those who they teach.

Topics Covered:     

  • Safety

  • Developing action plans / lesson plans

  • Mindset

  • Principals versus techniques

  • Diagnosing students / common student errors

  • Student coaching methods

  • Written test

  • Teach back / see one, do one, teach one

  • Health and safety concerns/lead exposure

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