Intro to Emergency Food Storage


Intro to Emergency Food Storage


This class is an introduction to emergency food storage. It will cover all the basics to help you get started and motivate you to increase your preparedness. What type of food should you get? How do you store it? What type of rotation schedule should you have? It will also give you a brief introduction to other areas and skills that are helpful to being more self-sufficient. More detailed and custom seminars are available on any of the topics touched upon in this introduction. Contact us with any requests.

Topics Covered:

  • Storage plans: 2 weeks, 3 months, 1 year

  • PACE plan

  • Food

  • Water Purification

  • Methods of storage

  • Gardening and small animal husbandry

  • Security

Length:  3 hours
Type:  Classroom
Audience: Everyone
Prerequisites:  None
What to Bring:  Pen and Paper for notes

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